As part of the observance of Security Awareness Month, the tara.elmadera offices will conduct a seminar on Online Security Measures, to be presented by special guests who are expert ethical hackers. The seminar hopes to inculcate a culture of practicing web safety measures and practices in order to avoid being threatened by malicious online hackers.

The two-day seminar will feature basic security protocols to secure the workplace, advance cybersecurity measures and using pro-active countermeasures to minimize the threats and nip them at the bud. It will be attended by other IT professionals who are also interested to learn more about security and safety on the internet.

The organizers were able to ask two of the most respectable ethical hackers today to give their insights and share their tips on how to be a more security-conscious especially in today’s more open internet model. In order to raise awareness, they advise people to be always cautious in surfing the web. If your instinct tells you something’s amiss somewhere, always trust your instincts. It’s better safe than sorry, as the old saying goes.

Remember to always check the website you are browsing is the true legitimate site that it claims to be. Find out what subtle ways hackers are trying to hack into your system or online account.

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