In order to keep pace with the latest trends on the internet today, we have asked our staff to join a seminar on the Internet of Things. It has started some years back and is taking the internet by storm. With the cost of broadband internet connection continuing to become cheaper, more and more devices are now being used online. Some examples are phones, watches, gadgets and so on.

As this trend continues, engineers have now come up with the idea that anything can be connected via wi-fi. You could now control your air-conditioning from your phone using an app. Or you could switch on your porch light automatically with a text message. The idea behind the Internet of Things is that anything with an on-off switch can be interconnected.

So now, not only can we communicate with our things via wi-fi, now your gadgets could ‘speak‘ to each other via wi-fi. If your alarm goes off at 6am, it could trigger your coffeemaker to start brewing your favorite blend. Or if your printer is running low on supplies, it could send out an order request for supplies. When you get into your car and set your destination via GPS, it calculates the best route to avoid heavy traffic or any unforeseen congestions along the way.

The potential is limitless and experts predict that around 26 billion ‘things‘ will be connected by the year 2020.

tara.elmadera head honchos are seeing the big potential of this technology and is banking on it as the future of technology. It is the shape of things to come. And as such, they deem it relevant to keep abreast with these developments .

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