With the way things are going nowadays, everything seems to be moving a lot faster than usual. The same could be said about the internet. During the early days of the internet, that was when the basic structure of the web was being built from the ground up. The tools back then were somewhat rudimentary, make-shift tools that web people made do with to come up with a web presence.

During the advent of Web 2.0, the internet has taken a more definitive shape and structure. The first real standards were established. It is also during this time that mobile internet became prevalent as mobile phones with browsing capabilities began to swarm the market. Most of us are still in this state, although some are already making their move towards Web 3.0.

This new generation of web technologies is the shape of things to come. In this stage, we are expecting a more ‘intelligent‘ web, and have a far better experience going about it. This is the goal of tara.elmadera-to be at the forefront of developing websites and applications that conform to this new, more sophisticated standards.

A lot can be said about the future of the internet, but the truth is, the future of the internet is starting to take shape right now. The tools are in our hands-let us make good use of these tools and craft a better, more intelligent solutions for the future. Let us become the pioneers of our generation and usher in the new standards by making use of them today,

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